US Manufacturers Association for Development and Enterprise

Our mission is to protect US manufacturers, including the jobs they create and their contributions to the US economy, against abusive patent litigation

US Manufacturing Relies on US Grade Patents

About Us

US Manufacturers Association for Development and Enterprise (US*MADE) is specifically focused on protecting manufacturers from abusive patent litigation. Manufacturers are frequent targets of patent litigation by marketplace competitors seeking an unfair advantage and shell companies which produce no products or services. Job-creating manufacturers are shaken down for hefty royalty payments by plaintiffs wielding vague, low-quality patents that likely should have never been issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).


US-MADE and its members will shine a light on efforts to harm manufacturers and it will advocate to protect and preserve the existing legal tools to help manufacturers defend themselves against abusive patent litigation.

IPR (inter partes review) has been Successful.

It has been estimated that in the first five years after IPR was created, IPR has helped patent owners and accused infringers avoid at least $2.31 billion in deadweight losses by providing an efficient system for challenging patents. IPR has proven much less expensive than district court litigation. The average cost of IPR through a PTAB hearing is $275,000 — far less than the $600,000 to $5 million cost of district-court litigation

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