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Our mission is protecting US manufacturers against abusive patent litigation so we can create good jobs, invest in our communities, and drive American innovation.

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What is an Internal Partes Review (IPR)?

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IPR (inter partes review) has saved over $2 billion

It has been estimated that in the first five years after IPR was created, IPR has helped patent owners and accused infringers avoid at least $2.31 billion in deadweight losses by providing an efficient system for challenging patents...

Don’t let one bad patent ruin your business

Let the patent office review a few hundred potentially bad patents to protect the other 3 million.

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New US*MADE Analysis Finds Very Few Patents Held by Small Inventors Are Ever Subject to PTAB Review

The U.S. Manufacturers Association for Development and Enterprise (US*MADE) – a coalition of manufacturers and American manufacturing trade associations focused on protecting job-creators from abusive patent litigation


Beau Phillips: Congress should restore Sen. Leahy’s patent system reforms

This commentary is by Beau Phillips, executive director of US*MADE, a coalition of U.S. manufacturing companies and trade associations who …

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