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Featured Member

Who We Are: Authentically American is a Veteran owned, American made, premium apparel brand. We have amazing products, and it is all Made in USA! The heart of our mission is our passion for creating American jobs.

What We do: We have a consumer brand, collegiate licenses, and a client side of our business. On the client side, we partner with businesses of all sizes, schools, charities/non-profits (at cost programs), and other organizations for custom branded apparel.

We have a contract manufacturing network that stretches across 12 U.S. states.


Why they joined US*MADE: We are a patriotic company that believes in American manufacturing and bringing jobs and manufacturing back to the United States.

A part of that is ensuring that our patent laws are fair and that there is an appropriate recourse for businesses and their intellectual property – especially when brought under attack by patent trolls.

We joined US*Made to help be a part of the process and ensure that the U.S. Patent Office has the ability to efficiently review bad patents and uphold the inter partes review process so American manufacturers cannot be unfairly taken advantage of by patent trolls.

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WATCH: Dean Wegner, Founder & CEO of Authentically American, a member of US*MADE, voices his support for the Restoring the America Invents Act

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